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Aston Martin Vantage
Born Hunter

A born predator

Vantage is raw and instinctive, unwavering in its singular purpose: to overwhelm the senses through its world-renowned design, agile performance and dedicated craftsmanship.

Unmistakable Presence

Like the archetypal hunter, everything has been finely tuned for a purpose. Sculptural forms create an athletic predatory stance, while muscular flanks and broad haunches express the agility and dynamism inherent to the car..

A Statement of Intent

The signature ultra-slim rear light graphic illuminates the full-width of the tailgate, accentuated by the flick in the Vantage’s tail. It provocatively expresses the car’s animalistic character in what is set to become an iconic symbol of performance.


The distinctive cockpit feel of the interior is one of absolute focus and functionality. A lower driving position creates a more immersive experience, intimately connecting the driver with the car and the road ahead.


Aston Martin’s principles of purity and beautiful proportion remain uncompromised. While Vantage has made significant advancements, echoes of the magnificent bloodline can still be seen. Ever since the nameplate launched in the 1950s as an upgrade to the DB2, Vantage has been synonymous with performance, becoming our flagship sports car.

Natural Selection

The nose of the clamshell bonnet is pitched towards the ground, as if hunting its prey. Distinctive and assertive features like the three-dimensional S curve surrounding the meshed grille, or the focused expression of its ultra-slim LED headlights, instantly portray Vantage’s beautifully intense visual character.


Athletic Poise and Agility

Sharp Sporting Agility

Our talented engineers sought the ideal foundation for the new Vantage, crafting its frame from lightweight, bonded aluminium. The inherent sporting agility comes from its compact dimensions, an impressive weight of just 1,530kg* and near perfect 50:50 weight distribution. A rigid subframe within this backbone delivers enhanced stability for the suspension. The overwhelming benefit is beautifully responsive control behind the wheel; car and driver connecting symbiotically to deliver unrivalled excitement and dynamic drivability.*Dry weight including lightweight options

Ultimate Response

More technological innovation comes with Dynamic Torque Vectoring and an Electronic Rear Differential, linked to the Vantage’s electronic stability control system. A first for an Aston Martin, the Electronic Rear Differential’s speed and sensitivity of response enhances cornering performance, high speed stability and manoeuvrability, enabling the driver to fully explore the Vantage’s dynamic capabilities.

Intense and Beautiful

Vantage’s high-performance V8 power house is positioned low and further back in the chassis to improve weight distribution and driving dynamics, leaving a lasting impression well beyond the drive. Effortless, inherent potency comes from the engine’s extraordinary 510 PS output and 685 Nm of torque fed through Vantage’s ZF automatic transmission. The eight-speed gearbox delivers the perfect balance of performance and refinement, with adaptive software designed to gauge the operating conditions – along with the demands the driver is making – to ensure the car is in exactly the right gear at the right time.

Intelligently Crafted

The interior is one of absolute focus and functionality. Controls like the new designed sport-orientated gearshift paddles are optimally positioned. Likewise, the gear selection buttons are uniquely placed in the centre console, with the Aston Martin Audio System, 8” LCD screen and integrated satellite navigation all impressively reconfigured around the driver.

Exploring the new VANTAGE ROADSTER


Drive with an optimistic elegance on coastal roads. A flow of fresh air revitalizes your mind. The almost-solid Ceramic Blue body colour combined with Copper Tan Metallic interior leather demonstrates a sense of timeless casual elegance and sophisticated relaxed attitude.


Life is a competition. Life is a game. Embrace it and challenge it. The extreme sophistication and technicality of the Q Platinum White body colour, made from the purest gold pearl, provides the ultimate pure body shape, spiced up with a bold Yellow Tang accent. The duotone interior reveals slim fit tailor cut lines and timeless elegance.


Style never stands still. Neither modern life does. The quest for ultimate performance reveals an uncompromised beauty. The core aluminium flakes of the Xenon Grey evokes sophistication and precision. The cold technical blue accent provides a clinical beauty.


A bold jump into a cosmic trendy world. An unmistakable underground style. The ultra fresh and bitter Yellow Tang generates a flow of exhilarating emotions. The warm silver reflections of the Black Metallic leather perfectly matches the bold exterior colour.


A nocturnal skyscape with a blazing sunset. The use of deep Sabiro Blue exterior paint, evokes a strong but delicate sense of power. The layering of dark-on-dark tonality, blues blurring into blacks, with striking flashes of bright metal finishes are the perfect fit for any driver seeking refined and elegant environments.


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