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Aston Martin DBX707

The new Aston Martin DBX707 – the world's most powerful, luxury SUV. A new ruler of adventure with 707PS. Born with a sports car soul, its immense power and peerless handling make every drive a voyage of intensity. A magnetic force with a commanding presence. DBX707 is a new seat of power.

707 PS
Top Speed
193 mps
0-62 MPH
3.3 s
Engineering and Performance

A New Seat Of Power

"With this exceptional new model we have truly unlocked the performance potential within the DBX to create a world beating high-performance SUV."

Ralph Illenberger : Head of Powertrain

Experience a voyage of intensity

The new DBX707 is an SUV like no other. One which elevates Aston Martin to the pinnacle of the segment with a unique combination of blistering performance, supreme dynamics, unmistakable style and absolute luxury. But this SUV is not just about power. DBX707 showcases true engineering mastery to unleash new levels of dynamic performance.

The highest top speed of any luxury SUV

Born with a sports car soul

Put simply DBX707 is fitted with the most powerful engine of any production luxury SUV available in the world today. Engineered by Aston Martin, even the mighty 707PS hinted by its name is not the full story, for it comes backed by no fewer than 900Nm of torque, providing access to sports car performance, thunderous acceleration and the highest top speed of any comparable luxury SUV.

Harnessing a Powerhouse

An entirely new approach to an SUV transmission was required to harness such a powerhouse. As a result, DBX707’s nine speed gearbox replaces the torque converter seen in conventional automatics with a race-developed wet clutch, an unprecedented move for an SUV so far. But with shifts that are 30 per cent faster, allowing near instantaneous access to its power and seamless transition from gear to gear, it was the only choice fit for the world’s most potent luxury SUV.

Instant control

Powertrain control through a new rotary switch on the all-new centre console, which gives the driver instant access to a range of newly configured drive modes, including a ‘Sport +’ mode designed exclusively for DBX707. Five settings include ‘Terrain’ for off-road driving, ‘GT’ for maximum touring comfort, ‘Sport’ for responsive road driving and ‘Sport +’ for the most intense driving experience. An ‘Individual’ setting allows the driver to choose their own preference settings for all elements including the suspension, steering and exhaust.

Engine Capacity
4.0 L
Maximum Torque
900 Nm

The world's most powerful luxury SUV

"Fastest. Most powerful. Best handling. Three accolades for which the DBX707 was conceived to claim. Not by blindly chasing benchmarks, but achieved on its own terms and in its own inimitable way.

Fastest. Most powerful. Best handling.

Dynamic Mastery

Power demands control, which is why DBX707 comes with a suite of modifications to ensure its colossal power is not just merely handled, but fully exploited by the driver, reaching a new level of dynamism in the luxury SUV field. Re-rated dampers, new programming for the ESP allowing even greater freedom of expression and a shortened final drive to provide still greater in-gear punch, it’s an immersive SUV driving experience of a richness and intensity that has never been achieved before.

A Racing Start

The new wet clutch system for DBX707 has enabled the fitment of a fully integrated autonomous launch control system, a first for DBX. While in Sports+, Launch Control when activated drives DBX707 to accelerate cleanly, with total authority and control. The high torque loading, precision torque profiling and integrated programmability of the clutch control all harmoniously enable maximum torque, traction and drivability during launch moments.

Braking power

The world’s most powerful luxury SUV must have a braking system capable of reining in all that potential. Which is why every DBX707 comes with carbon ceramic brakes as standard; not only that, but with a 420mm diameter at the front, these are the largest brakes of any kind ever fitted to an Aston Martin. The result is shorter stopping distances, greater durability, improved pedal feel and a significant 33kg reduction in unsprung mass to improve the handling even further.

Intense performance

Born with a sports car soul, DBX707 delivers intense performance coupled with its immersive V8 twin-turbo acoustics, this is a luxury SUV unlike any before it, past or present.


A magnetic force with a commanding presence

"The key to DBX707’s styling is capturing the confidence that comes from its dynamic supremacy."

Marek Reichman: Chief Creative Officer


Unafraid to make an entrance, proud to take centre stage, DBX707 is the most powerful luxury SUV in the world and it is unafraid to say so. On the road, in the mirror, in the flesh, it dominates. It exudes a confidence, style and muscular beauty while retaining the hallmarks of our iconic Aston Martin design DNA.

DBX Exterior

Enhancing both aesthetic form and aerodynamic function

DBX707 has a face that, once seen, is never forgotten

New front-end treatment sees the DBX receive a larger front grille and all-new design of DRL complete with new air intakes and brake cooling ducts, plus a new front splitter profile.

Heavily sculpted profile

Dark satin chrome window surrounds and new louvred bonnet blades co-ordinate perfectly with the front grille and gloss black splitter, continuing along the flanks with gloss black side sills, which now feature a deeper and more heavily sculpted profile to give the DBX707 a ground-hugging stance.

Undeniable presence

The rear design commands just as much as the front of DBX707. Most clearly seen are the new quad exhausts, complimented by the carbon-fibre extended rear spoiler and re-profiled winged rear diffuser with aero-vortex blades. Together these features bring a new sense of purpose and and an undeniable presence to the design of DBX707, making the car appear lower, more assertive and even more dynamic.


With DBX707 comes a new interior theme that fully befits a car of this power and sporting prowess. Simply called ‘Accelerate’, it features an Alcantara® headlining, multi-adjustable heated and ventilated seats, a dark chrome look to the interior, a sports steering wheel and the legendary Aston Martin wings embroidered into the seat backs.

Developed exclusively for DBX707

There is the option to choose the ‘Inspire Sport’ interior, developed exclusively for DBX707 and not available on any other variant. Here you sit at the very apex where Sport and true Luxury meet, surrounded by semi-aniline leather upholstery, sport quilting and perforations on the seats, with extra thick carpets, a split-rim steering wheel and leather headlining.

Instant access, ultimate control

For ultimate and precise control on the move, DBX707 comes with a brand new centre console. Designed to provide you with instant access to the car’s most important functions, including revised drive modes, ESP off, manual gearbox mode, suspension control and even active exhaust control allowing you to pass quietly by, or give full voice to the car’s mighty V8 soundtrack.

Unmistakable style, absolute luxury

As on the exterior, the DBX707’s interior features a dark chrome finish to switchgear as standard. Bright chrome and carbon fibre can be specified as an option. Piano Black veneer is standard with carbon fibre or bronze metal mesh veneer finishes available as an option.


Over and above the extensive range of options available for DBX, we have curated a collection of accessories to help you tailor your SUV even more precisely, no matter where your next adventure should take you.



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